Hi All,

First I hope you are all well and managed to stay safe during these extreme unprecedented times .

The health of the pigeons are superb and they are now prepared for the task ahead.

like most OLR we have lost a few to health and a few off the loft, however we have started training today with 1,395 from 1,436 so we are very happy with that…

We started training today and will continue every day weather permitting. We will train in small batches at first for safety reasons only .

PLEASE NOTE ! We are aware there are some amendments needed on Benzing with syndicate names and ring allocation to syndicates etc but this will be done this week so please bear with us.. If you have an error needing corrected please contact us asap please. We apologies for the mishap .

Take care of yourselves and best of luck going forward.

Sean Hunt & Family

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