With a great result from the 2019 race we are back again with some amazing prizes.

1st Prize: €50,000

2nd Prize: €15,000

3rd Prize: €7,000

4th Prize: €4,000

5th Prize: €2,500

6th Prize: €1,500

7th Prize: €1,000

8th Prize: €1,000

9th Prize: €1,000

10th Prize: €1,000

11 – 30th Prize: €500

 31st – 50th Prize: €250

Ace Pigeon: €5,000

Hot Spot 1: 1st €1,000 – 2nd €500 – 3rd €250
Hot Spot 2: 1st €1,000 – 2nd €500 – 3rd €250
Semi Final: 1st €1,000 – 2nd €500 – 3rd €250


  1. Entry to the Wild Atlantic Way is open to the public.
  2. Each Team consists of 3 pigeons.
  3. The cost per team is €500.
  4. The 3 pigeons are active to win prize money in the first 3 Hotspot races.
  5. For the Final Race, only two pigeons will be active to win prize money.
  6. To activate the 3rd pigeon it will cost €250 if only two or fewer pigeons are left in the team for the final, both birds will have to be active to win prize money.
  7. Any pigeon not activated by Thursday before the final race will become available to the public on Friday morning.
  8. The €110,000 Prize Money for the 2020 Race Season is Guaranteed by the organisers.
  9. Entry fee is to be paid in full with the arrival of the pigeons.
  10. We will be open to receive pigeons on the following dates: First entries – 1st of February 2020 & the last entries –  26th of April 2020                          (More information regarding entry dates will be posted on the website later, as dates will vary for national and international teams.)
  11. We recommend the pigeons to be aged between 30 to 35 days old for entry. 
  12. Space in the loft is limited, to secure your place make a reservation with us and confirm your entry with a €50 non-refundable deposit.
  13. Places will only be guaranteed to Teams who have booked an entry with us. 
  14. All birds will be vaccinated and given a cocci-canker tablet on arrival.
  15. After the final race, all be birds may be auctioned. The money from the sale of the pigeon will be split 50/50 with us and the owner after expenses, providing a pedigree has been provided for the pigeons.
  16. If no pedigree has been provided the owner will receive no money from the sale of the pigeons. Training and races may change due to weather and other conditions.
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