OUR Rules & Regulations

Arrival Of Pigeons:

To ensure the health of the pigeons with Vaccination and Creating immunity in groups upon arrival, The pigeons will only be Received on the following dates. 1st -15th of March , 1st – 15th April, 1st – 15th of May. Participants will be allowed replacements until the 15th of May. Then entry closes.

Next Arrivals:

Next Entries

1st Monday
4th Thursday
6th Saturday
7th Sunday
11th Thursday
13th Saturday
14th Sunday

The last entries will be on the last weekend in April and the first weekend in May

Thursday 25th
Saturday 27th
Sunday 28th

Thursday 2nd
Saturday 4th


Each team consists of 3 pigeons, 2 of which are activated and 1 reserve if one of the activated pigeons becomes lost the reserve pigeon takes his place at no extra cost. All three pigeons race for prize money and participate for the Ace pigeon prize of €5,000. After the semi final if all 3 pigeons are still present then the reserve pigeon can be activated by his owner for €150, if the owner decides not to activate its reserve pigeon then another Fancier can activate this pigeon at a cost of €250.


After the final race the first thirty pigeons home plus the ace pigeon will be sold by Auction with 50% to owner after expenses and 50% to organisation all other pigeons will be offered free to their owners. Any cost for shipping will be the responsibility of the owner.

Entry Fee:

Entry fee is €500 per team (3 pigeons)

Costs for shipping is the responsibility of the owner, please check with the agent from your country for costs.


All birds will be vaccinated on arrival and they will so be giving a Canker tablet before entering our lofts.


All pigeons to be auctioned have a pedigree if the owner does not supply a Pedigree he will not be entered to any % of the auction Money.

Training & Races:

May be altered on account of bad weather conditions, the decision of the organisation is FINAL.


Any dispute not covered in these regulations will be reviewed by the organisation and their decision is FINAL.